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Water increases the rate at which the body burns calories, flushes out impurities, improves muscle tone, makes your skin look younger... there are so many different health benefits of drinking water... but... there's just one problem... IT DOESN'T TASTE GOOD!

Water is vital in your weight loss. In order to burn fat, the fat cells themselves must be free of the water and toxins you are retaining right now. If you don't drink enough water, your body will retain water for survival. This inhibits your body from burning that fat. Y'all saw me... I was a frippin camel when I started this diet! Why? Because I don't like water! But click the links below to read about water's importance (including the fact that overweight people need to drink more than thin people), and watch these videos to see my Tasty Type Z Way of getting in my water for the day.

(Personally, I drink approximately 3/4 gallon of water total each day. I drink fresh water when I wake up, and after my morning and evening exercising. The rest of the day, I drink Walmart Grapedrank! The total is approximately 3/4 gallon and though it sounds like a lot, it actually is not hard at all to get down... in fact, on the days you don't get a lot of water in, you will feel the difference in your energy and on your body. Lots of water definitely makes a huge difference.)

Tip: Go Get Some Walmart On The Go Packs For Water. Put a couple packs in your purse and put a couple of boxes in your car glove compartment, and that way you can always have them accessible when you're on the go. Try the vitamin-enhanced packs if you are conscientious about getting in additional vitamins.
Drink Your Water! Not doing so will affect your weight loss. Not drinking water actually makes you retain water and that weight will show up on the scale! I was running around all day Saturday and I definitely did not drink as much water as I have been all the other days of my liquid diet. I got in maybe 1/2 of the water that I have been drinking. Not good! Water aids in shedding the pounds, so definitely make sure you're getting a lot of it each day of your diet.
Anyway, I almost lost another 1/2 pounds, so I am pleased with that... and I learned a good lesson early on. On this video I am giving a tip on making water more palatable and making sure you get in a lot. You should definitely drink regular pure water everyday, but I am just giving a tip on what I use to make water more drinkable for me.

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We walk through the filth of the world: Sidewalks, Subways, Truck Stops, Prisons... hey maybe you have a relative to visit, I don’t know... if you don’t remove your shoes, you are tracking all that back into your home. Just as Oprah is raising our consciousness about the need to make your car a No-Phone Zone, I would like to raise your consciousness of the need to make your home a No-Shoe Zone. Tomorrow, look down while you are walking, and note all the muck you walk through... so you're going to track all that back in your house and wallow around in it... NOOOOO! So the moment you walk through your door, please remove your gross, disgusting, vile, revolting, germ-laden, parasite-ridden, filthy friggin shoes! Thank you!


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