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By 2015, in less than 5 years, 40% of Americans will be obese. In addition, current school-aged American children are the first generation to have a shorter life-expectancy than their parents. As Eckhart teaches, in an era of apocalyptic weapons... weapons that can completely end all life on this planet... it is no longer an option for us to become conscious of our self-destructive nature; it is a necessity. Likewise, in an era where we, as a nation, are literally DEFYING EVOLUTION by rearing the sole species of offspring on this planet whose lifespan has ever decreased by choice... it simply is NOT an option to become conscious about this obesity epidemic; it is a necessity. In my most recent video series, I share 4 Quick, Type Z Practices to help you achieve your Weight Loss Success. Please employ these tips in your Weight Loss Journey!

I have been hesitant to just put any "internal plan" out there because I utterly despise anyone telling me "this is the way to do" anything. I don't subscribe to that philosophy; that's NOT how I choose to live my life. And if anyone does tell me "do it this way," I will consciously find a different way to do it... it's not even a subconscious thing for me. I live in the retirement capital of the world. I see the result of people who have wasted their entire lives living out someone else's ideas; I'm not wasting a minute of mine! I am an Individual/Geek/Freak/Nerd/Creator... thank you very much, but I choose to find my own way and I have encouraged you to find yours. Now, that being said, my friggin' in-box is constantly flooded with "Yeah, yeah, yeah... just tell me exactly what YOU do!" emails. I felt compelled to begin answering that with a Success Series. What follows are 4 Quick Practices I do everyday to stay in an elevated, creative energy stream. This will be an ongoing series and I will add more things I do during the course of the day. I've tried for months to put y'all on to some amazing books to develop your own plan for inner work; but with the nature of my audience (non-reading, tv-watching generation that you are), no one is actually reading them! I realize I need to just show how I incorporate different teachings and you can get the books or recordings and explore more if you so choose.
Also, on a side note -- no, I'm not a promoter for these authors -- but please imagine your boss utilizing your talent and hard work... FOR FREE! So please don't listen to these authors' audiobooks on Youtube. Show The Universe you are willing to improve and invest in your body (at least as much as you have invested in McDonald's!). Go to iTunes or Amazon and download these legally! No one has the right to give away someone else's work... especially an inspirational teacher? Seriously?! These audiobooks are all only around $5! Thanks! :)
While I believe all of these practices can be incorporated into anyone's schedule, for those who complain about time, you absolutely can incorporate this practice: Listening to Subliminal Messages while you snooze. Subliminal Messages are used by top performers in the most competitive fields for a reason! And listening to them while you sleep is as Type Z as it gets. Do they work? Probably a little too well! [Click Here To Read My Hilarious Friend's Warning.] The links to the Weight Loss Messages I personally listen to are below. This site is phenomenal and their scripts are sensational.

For those of you downloading male-attraction messages, read my friend's warning first! And again, BE CAREFUL with the messages you download! Read the Scripts. Read the FAQs. Stick to weight loss and diet messages for now; I'll make Subliminal Messages an Ongoing Video Series and we'll discuss graduating to some of the other messages!

Subliminal Messages are an excellent foundation for Changing Your Thinking. They embed directly into your subconscious mind. They are effortless and yes... they definitely work! That's why it is illegal for advertisers to use them. As Dr. Bruce Lipton explains, "The subconscious is in control 95-99% of the time." So how do things get into the subconscious? The conscious mind must learn them first then store them there. What happens when we try to teach the conscious mind, make changes, and break old habits? We are typically met with resistance. Subliminal Messages are my Easy Way to bypass that entire "Conscious Learning" Process.
Please do this every morning. It will change your life. Looking into your eyes is POWERFUL!

So many people truly, deeply, whole-heartedly, and foolishly believe (despite all their personal evidence to the contrary), that they are going to "hate their way to success." How's that working? Do politicians "hate their way" into office? Do athletes "hate their way" to Olympic Gold? Do scholars "hate their way" to their degrees? KNOCK IT OFF, PEOPLE! THAT DOESN'T EVEN KIND OF MAKE SENSE! Labeling yourself a failure and hating yourself DOES NOT WORK. The word "IDENTIFY" literally means "to make the same." When you "IDENTIFY" with "failure," you "make yourself the same" as "failure." You absolutely CANNOT succeed. Any temporary "success" you do experience will quickly go away, because you have "made yourself the same" as "failure"... the same as the energy stream of "failure." You are nothing more than energy. To "make yourself the same" as the energy of "success," you must identify with being a "success." You are not going to "hate your way" to weight loss "success." SOUND is literally a wave of power. The words you use to "identify" yourself HAVE POWER. Please STOP identifying yourself as a Failure. You have the worst addiction there is. Your recovery starts with loving yourself. Stop running that toxic programming stored in your subconscious as a child. Take control. This is YOUR life. OWN IT! Begin each day with some very Quick, Type Z, Powerful Mirror Work.

Visit Louise Hay's site for all of her incredible books:

Louise Hay also has a movie, "You Can Heal Your Life"
Had to edit about 5 min off this video. I wanted to talk about printing out and carrying a tiny card with a list of goals & images with you at all times. But we'll have to save the tip of "Carrying Your List of Goals" for the next "Mind Week."

"Meditations for Manifesting"
Dr. Dyer beautifully teaches this extraordinary meditation technique for attracting your desires.
Amazon Link -- CD or MP3 of "Meditations for Manifesting" $5-8 on Amazon
iTunes Link -- Download it right to your iPhone for $5.99 (that app looks cool as hell)

"Maybe Tomorrow" by Ultraspank, off the "Progress" CD
Amazon Link -- Song $0.99
iTunes Link -- Song $0.99

Massage Chair Cushions:
Get them anywhere from just down your block off to anywhere. Make sure to read the reviews and get the ones that everyone is complaining ONLY vibrate. You DON'T want an actual massage. Make sure the SEAT vibrates -- look for a THIGH setting. Your energy is going to radiate up from your Creative "Root" (Dr. Dyer will explain on the CD).

Give this AH Meditation technique a try for a month and it's a wrap! The energy you walk around with all day is going to be amazing! Download those albums. Type a list of goals. Collect cool pictures that correspond to your goals. Create your powerpoint slide show. Get a vibrating chair cushion... and it's all over. The next video has even more meditation/vibration tips.
I can sum this description up in one sentence: Gratitude Is Magnetic! That's all that needs to be said. Whatever tradition you practice, whatever way you choose to express it, whatever method you choose to convey it... GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE!

This OM Meditation is on the second half of Dr. Dyer's "Meditations For Manifesting"
Amazon Link -- CD or MP3 of "Meditations for Manifesting" $5-8 on Amazon
iTunes Link -- Download it right to your iPhone for $5.99 (that app looks cool as hell)

So that's the plan, people! 4 simple things to raise your vibration. Do these for a month and I'll never hear from you again because you won't need me for weight loss inspiration!
1. Listen to Weight Loss Subliminal Messages as You Sleep
2. A Quick Mirror Work Practice When You Wake Up
3. 15 Min Quiet Time with Your Goals & Images
4. 15 Min Quiet Time with Your Gratitude List

Making this video series was fun, but it was a lot of work! Huge thanks again for all the Photoshop & Flash animation tutorials by Youtube Teacher Extraordinaire, Tutvid. Subscribe to him at & support his site:

Many more videos series coming on Reverse Osmosis Water, Type Z Teeth Alignment, Stretch Mark Product Reviews, Diminishing Scars With MSM Lotion, Colon Health Product Reviews, Anti-Aging Supplements, Compression Suits, Men's Health, Insulin Resistance and Carbs, Hot New Holiday Body Shots, and more!





**NOTE: I am neither sponsored to do any videos, nor do I receive any products free. Rather than putting up a bunch of banner ads on my site, I actually review products and showcase my results. If you go through my website to order your products, you support my website and my show. That is what an "affiliate" is. I do not represent any company. My opinion is unbiased. I will have many series beginning soon, so please stay tuned to The Easy Way Show! I have a lot coming for you guys!
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We walk through the filth of the world: Sidewalks, Subways, Truck Stops, Prisons... hey maybe you have a relative to visit, I don’t know... if you don’t remove your shoes, you are tracking all that back into your home. Just as Oprah is raising our consciousness about the need to make your car a No-Phone Zone, I would like to raise your consciousness of the need to make your home a No-Shoe Zone. Tomorrow, look down while you are walking, and note all the muck you walk through... so you're going to track all that back in your house and wallow around in it... NOOOOO! So the moment you walk through your door, please remove your gross, disgusting, vile, revolting, germ-laden, parasite-ridden, filthy friggin shoes! Thank you!

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