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"How or why a person gains weight is very complicated, but it clearly is not just calories in and calories out... We think some factors are under circadian control. Better timing of meals, which would require a change in behavior, could be a critical element in slowing the ever-increasing incidence of obesity."
   --Fred Turek, Professor of Neurobiology and Physiology in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences and Director of the Center for Sleep and Circadian Biology

Wake up, bathe, vlog filming
Breakfast shake, quiet time, stretching
Morning workout/exercise, stretch, quick shower
10:30am - 5:30pm
Eat every hour + drink (grape) water every hour (solid meals @ 12:30 & 4:30)
Evening workout/exercise, stretch, quick shower

**This is an "ideal" schedule; we know how "schedules" go - often ends later (the earlier the better for metabolic reasons).
**I don't wake up at 5:00am like most of you do, so my schedule is obviously different than yours would be.
**I should mention I spend half the day peeing (with a liquid diet you're flushing your system all day).
**I am guaranteed to never feel deprived. I am eating all day long which revs up my metabolism.
**I am getting in tons of protein, I'm not depriving my body of fat, and I use carbs for exercising.
**There is NOTHING difficult about my plan. Everything is easy. I created my plan to guarantee that I would not fail.
**Yes, I am a germaphobe.
**NOTE: I am not a Doctor, Dietitian, nor Personal Trainer. I am just sharing my personal weight loss schedule.

8:30 am
  Shake 100 calories
10:30 am
  Shake 100 calories
11:30 am
  Shake 100 calories
12:30 pm
  Solid Meal 250 calories (including fats)
1:30 pm
  Shake 100 calories
2:30 pm
  Shake 100 calories
3:30 pm
  Shake 100 calories
4:30 pm
  Solid Meal 250 calories (including fats)
5:30 pm
  Shake 100 calories
1200 calories  

**See my Diet Page for an explanation of my diet and eating schedule as well as informational links regarding how eating many meals throughout the day speeds up your metabolism.

9:00 am
  1 Hour Walking (THR Zone For Fat Burning)
25 Abdominal Crunches For Each Side
50 Inner Thigh Circular Leg Lifts
Callanetic Arms Exercises
7:00 pm
  1 Hour Walking (THR Zone For Fat Burning)
25 Abdominal Crunches For Each Side
50 Inner Thigh Circular Leg Lifts
Callanetic Arms Exercises

Your metabolism is the slowest early in the morning and in the evening. Exercising at those times of the day are crucial in revving up your metabolism and ensuring it stays revved up burning that fat all day long. The benefit of exercise is not the calories burned during the exercise; that is of far less impact than the fact that you are boosting your metabolism to burn fat all day.
**See my Exercise Page for information on each exercise and informational links for performing each.
**Also learn how you can get free or cheap treadmills and other athletic equipment in your local area.



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We walk through the filth of the world: Sidewalks, Subways, Truck Stops, Prisons... hey maybe you have a relative to visit, I don’t know... if you don’t remove your shoes, you are tracking all that back into your home. Just as Oprah is raising our consciousness about the need to make your car a No-Phone Zone, I would like to raise your consciousness of the need to make your home a No-Shoe Zone. Tomorrow, look down while you are walking, and note all the muck you walk through... so you're going to track all that back in your house and wallow around in it... NOOOOO! So the moment you walk through your door, please remove your gross, disgusting, vile, revolting, germ-laden, parasite-ridden, filthy friggin shoes! Thank you!

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