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Welcome to my new Diminishing Scars series!
Follow my progress diminishing my large eczema scar.

BACKGROUND: My eczema flare-up cleared up in appoximately 6 weeks. Unfortunately, the scar left behind was pretty heinous. Below is the method I used to get rid of my eczema so quickly. I have not had ANY medical treatment. I used Visualization, Attract Health Subliminal Messages, DMSO and MSM Lotion... I later included a light mist of 100% Liquid MSM in my treatment also.

Honestly, I'm absolutely flabbergasted myself. I have a long history of being EXTREMELY resistant to eczema treatment and medication; in fact, my chest flare-ups were so resistant, my dermatologist performed a biopsy to ensure it was only eczema and not a more serious skin condition. I have NEVER had it clear up so quickly... especially an area that large! I am continuing to use all of these below to get rid of my scar as well.

I'm currently updating this page with research links, book quotes, etc., however, please visit my DMSO & MSM Page, as there is a great deal of information there.

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Do you have scars you want to diminish? I showcase what I'm doing for mine in my new Scar Diminishing Series.

  • Please see my DMSO & MSM Page for a thorough understanding of how they enter and benefit your skin
  • Updated video coming soon. This is briefly what I am doing for my huge back eczema scar
1. First, I'm misting my skin with a 60/40 - DMSO/Distilled Water Mixture.
     I'm allowing that to be absorbed by my skin for approximately 5 mins:
     It is important not to rub it in; simply allow it to slowly absorb/air dry.
2. Second, I'm misting my skin with 100% Liquid MSM. I'm rubbing that in completely: MY LIQUID MSM msm liquid, impatientdieter
3. Third, I'm applying MSM Lotion. I'm rubbing that in completely: MY MSM LOTION msm lotion, impatientdieter

When DMSO is applied topically to the skin, it deeply enhances the absorption of whatever substance is on the skin. It is important to have extremely clean skin before applying DMSO, because whatever is on your skin, will be deeply penetrated. Also, while the DMSO is still wet on the skin, it is vital not to make unintentional contact with any substance. Whatever is placed on the skin, will be rapidly and deeply absorbed. This is why I am using DMSO in my treatment strategy. In addition, there are many testimonials about the healing power of DMSO for a wide assortment of ailments. Please view the Video Playlists linked in the research section below. In my video series, I will show how I personally dilute and use DMSO for my treatment. However, please note DMSO is intended as a solvent only. I am simply showcasing how I am using it and what benefits I am receiving. I am not a medical professional of any kind. Please consult your doctor for information and advice.

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Please watch these videos presented by amazing physician, Dr. Stanley W. Jacob, and Health Guru, Daniel Vitalis.

This fascinating "60 Minutes" Interview with Dr. Stanley W. Jacob investigates the troubled history of DMSO, and reveals why it is NOT in the best interest of drug companies for you to know about it.
In my latest video, I introduced my DMSO & MSM Strategy. This was based on a series by Health Guru, Daniel Vitalis. His very informative videos are in the playlist below.
youtube playlist dmso,impatientdieter,dsj
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This page is currently being updated. Here is the MSM Lotion I will be using, as listed on my Beauty Page:

msm lotion impatient dieter

As I stated on my Blog, I never noticed that the big eczema scar on my chest under my chin was diminishing over the course of my filming. [Click To Read This Blog Entry] This was due to my excessive bathing and use of MSM Soap. Well my scar is not completely gone, but as you can see, it has diminished greatly, just from the excessive use of MSM Soap. Likewise, LovingRaw spoke about how he began to see drastic improvement in his skin through excessive MSM. That is the key here, people... it's not just MSM... IT'S EXCESSIVE MSM. But, I started thinking: maybe there is an easier way of giving your skin excessive MSM throughout the day. Since some Subscribers feel the MSM Soap and MSM Cream are too expensive (especially to use excessively), I will be using this MSM Lotion on my scars and showcase my results. I expect the results to be dramatic because not only can you apply lotion often throughout the day, the lotion is 100% rubbed in and absorbed by the skin. Also, I will be very scientific and record a time-schedule of my daily application.

As older subscribers know, I originally ordered a different MSM Lotion due to its claim of being the strongest formulation on the market. I have since discovered this lotion for the same price, has 50% more MSM, so this is what I will be using in my scar series. It is an affordable alternative to the MSM Soap and it has been working wonders on my back scar -- you'll see.

My Diminishing Scar Series will be a monthly showcase of the effectiveness of MSM Lotion in treating scars (don't forget, stretch marks are scars)... so make sure to tune in for The Easy Way Show! WOOOOO!



**NOTE: I am neither sponsored to do any videos, nor do I receive any products free. Rather than putting up a bunch of banner ads on my site, I actually review products and showcase my results. If you go through my website to order your products, you support my website and my show. That is what an "affiliate" is. I do not represent any company. My opinion is unbiased. I will have many series beginning soon, so please stay tuned to The Easy Way Show! I have a lot coming for you guys!
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