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After Watching
This Video,
Please Read
The Q & A Below
and Visit the
FAQ Page.

All Details of
My Diet Should
Be Crystal Clear.
After Watching
This Video,
Please Read
The Q & A Below
and Visit the
FAQ Page.

All Details of
My Diet Should
Be Crystal Clear.

Don't people on liquid diets gain it all back?
LOL... 95% of ALL dieters gain it back! It does not matter how you lose it! As I stressed over and over, you need to have the right mindset to prevent regaining your weight. Oprah did a liquid diet... gained it all back. Oprah did a slow, hard-way diet... gained it all back. Kirstie Alley was PAID MILLIONS to do a hard-way, slow diet... gained it all back. A very SMALL percentage of people do liquid diets. Thus, that 95% figure is more representative of people who do hard-way, slow diets... and guess what... they have a 95% failure rate! If you believe in doing it the "Hard Way," you are in luck; there are plenty of shows for you on Youtube!

What do you consume on your liquid diet?
7 Meal Replacement Shakes and 2 Regular "Solid Food" Meals = Total of 1200 calories per day.

Where can I find the meal-replacement shakes you drink?
I have been getting complaints from my subscribers about some of the companies I listed FOR FREE for over 6 months on my web site, regarding customer service, high prices, delayed shipping, etc. So I found the best one. I recently became an affiliate of a weight loss company. They have the lowest prices, best customer service, and the exact same product I used, that other companies charge much more for. The shipping is free in the Continental U.S. if you order just $79. I can't do much better than this, people! Stop sending me emails. For the record: I would steer clear of Vanilla and Strawberry... just being honest! Sorry, gotta hone my salesman skills. Go for Chocolate or Mocha, they're great! If you love Strawberry flavor, go for this Strawberry Meal-Replacement Smoothie -- it's friggin' phenomenal! (Both smoothies taste better than the shakes.) I'll give my reviews of all in upcoming videos on The Easy Way Show!

    $9.99 Chocolate Cream Protein Diet Shakes/Puddings

Compare ingredients and nutritional information yourself.  Each shake is 100 calories, 15 grams of protein, 7 grams of carbohydrates, and 1.5 grams of fat, plus an identical list of ingredients.  There are 7 shakes in one box.

    $12.50 New LifeStyle Diet Chocolate Shake
    $15.00 Quick Weight Loss Center Chocolate Shake
    $18.43 Physician's Weight Loss Center Chocolate Shake

The flavor doesn't make a difference, but just so you know, I drink the Chocolate Shakes and Mocha Shakes.  The Mocha are my favorite.  As you have seen, they are frothy and delicious in my smoothie maker.  And yes, these are the same supplements Rush Limbaugh used to lose over 90 lbs in 5 months. He gets his from Quick Weight Loss in South Florida -- he's a millionaire -- we aren't!

Why do they all use this same shake?
In a nutshell, this shake (and their other products) decrease fat storage, increase metabolic rates, and suppress hunger. That's why they all use the same shake. Look at the ingredients, do a little web researching, and it will become fairly obvious why they all use the exact same products. They are proven. These products have a 20+ year history of success and Success Stories behind them. On top of that, the stuff tastes sensational. I will be giving my own personal reviews of my favorite products in upcoming videos, but you don't have to take my word for it; read the pages of reviews beneath the products by customers that confirm these supplements are absolutely the best!

Sounds great, but what if I have the urge to chew?
Are you kidding me? That's why I planned the two meals! I foresaw my need to chew, people! Those of you who can go all-liquid are my heroes! Hell to the No! But for those who find a liquid diet even with a couple of meals each day to still be too challenging, they offer other meal supplements. Also, some of you have said you feel more comfortable just ordering one of their plans and doing it by the letter, rather than my plan with just shakes. That's great. Trust me, the other stuff is just as delicious! Here are my top picks:

Shakes: Mocha, Most Definitely
Smoothies: Love, Love, Love Strawberry (AAAHHH... Absolutely To Die For with ice & sweetener in my smoothie maker! By far their best product!)
Crispy MR Bars: Hands-Down, Cinnamon (Loves 'em!)
Protein Bars: Butter Toffee Is Better Than Any Candy Bar Any Day (Watch Yourself With These -- They Taste a Little TOO Good!)
Soups: Chicken Noodle Is My Fav (Add sauteed broccoli florets or bell pepper strips or mushrooms -- DELISH!)
Entrees: OMG! Sloppy Joe Is Soooo Good (especially mixed with this Vegetable Chili -- nom, nom, nom... tastes like tangy, extra meaty chilli!)
Pasta: Definitely Cheese Steak Mac or Spicy Cheese Mac (Toss Up! They're both sensational! Sautee some extra veggies to mix in & WOOOO!)
Breakfast: Cinnamon Crunch Isn't Bad (I eat this as a snack straight from the packet - Yes, that's Country! It tastes better that way!)
Hot Drinks: Go For Cappucino (This Hot Chocolate is Super Tasty Too)
Fruit Drinks: Berry Blend (with Ice In My Smoothie Maker)
Chips: Golden Dijon Are My Fav (But All Snacks Are Really Good)
Snacks: Chocolate Crunchies Are What's Up!
Puddings: Not a Pudding Person, But Like Toffee Creme
Desserts: Microwave Cake Sounds Odd, But Tastes Absolutely Delicious (love the chocolate chips -- try sprinkling sweetener on top -- nom nom)
Cookbook: Click Here To View Their Online Recipe CookBook (Get Your Rachael Ray On!)

REGARDING SUPPLEMENTS: I did not order appetite suppressants, patches, or carb blockers, but a few of you have emailed requesting a review of them. Obviously, there are many companies who sell supplements and I'm currently working on a series you guys can follow on my Vitality Page.

MSM SUPPLEMENT: My MSM video addresses your most Frequently Asked Question: the issues of loose skin and stretch marks and how I prevented getting them. The answer is MSM. Sulfur is called nature’s beauty mineral because it keeps your hair glossy and smooth and your complexion clear and youthful. It slows down the aging process and is vital for the production of collagen, which maintains elastin in the skin (sulfur deficiency will produce scars). But I have started shooting both a Skin Tightening & a Scar Diminishing Series in which I will feature this MSM Lotion.

Please visit my new DMSO & MSM Page and watch my introductory video for a brief discussion on the science of how both of these miraculous gifts from nature benefit your skin and body. You can also read how I personally am taking them orally and topically and follow my progress in this video series. Also view the video playlists by physician, Dr. Stanley Jacob, and Nutrition Ninja, Daniel Vitalis.

impatientdieter optimsm Wonderlife MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane)
1000 mg MSM - Organic Sulfur
Directions: 1-3 capsules daily or as directed by your doctor
$13.59 / 120 capsules / MSM Capsules & MSM Powder are identical
Click Here To Read The Product Description
impatient dieter fiber
Some of you are emailing reporting feeling "backed-up" and questioning if you should use a fiber supplement. An in-depth discussion of fiber will be posted shortly. My Colon Health & Product Review Series has started. Visit my Colon Health Page for more info.

Fiber-Stat Liquid Fiber Supplement
30 oz. Bottle (Concentrated Soluble Fiber)
$25.99 for 30 Servings Per Container
Provides gentle, effective relief from constipation while naturally improving intestinal and overall health. Pleasant taste with no grittiness.
Click Here To Read The Product Description
Click Here To Read Their Article On Fiber Facts

Why didn't you do their plan?
First of all, let me say that I have never been on their plans. I'm not attacking their plans. I personally did not choose to go on their plans.  Why? Because I'm a know-it-all. Kidding...  All I did was use a product and devise my own plan for me.  The only difference between their plan and my plan is a matter of 100 calories.  Their plan is around 1100 calories; mine is 1200.  They eat virtually no fat; I eat fat.  They eat one lean grocery meal a day; I eat two grocery meals and mine contain fat.  They eat no additional carbs; I eat carbs to support my exercise and metabolism.  They eat 6 times per day; I eat 9 times per day.  I don't know what their cardio plans are, but I assure you it's not an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening.  Let me state again, I am not attacking their plans; I simply chose to do it my way. Clearly by their "Success Stories," their plans work also. In my Diet Review Series, I will be showcasing their plan and food supplements. This may be more appropriate for those of you who say you don't think you can stick with a primarily liquid plan. Note: You don't need to do EXACTLY what I did. As many trainers are telling me in their emails, I basically had a "training" regimen. You need to take into consideration your own schedule and time-constraints and discuss everything when planning your individual regimen with your doctor.

Why is your way working?
1. Flushing your system all day on a liquid diet -- I drink 7 Shakes + Grape Water
2. Constant liquid consumption speeds up your metabolism & flushes out toxins
3. Constantly feeding your body nutrition all day speeds up your metabolism
4. New research shows eating fat burns fat (takes over 10 years for "new research" to become conventional)
5. Eating more often speeds up your metabolism
6. Exercising in the morning & evening boosts your metabolism
7. All that liquid protein boosts your metabolism
8. The shakes themselves are formulated to boost your metabolism
9. Water/Liquid aids in assimilation of all those nutrients
10. People on Meal-Replacement Diets Lose & Keep Off Substantially More Than Those on Self-Directed Diets (Read This Research)
And It's High-Protein Diets FTW!

Why not just keep that calorie count and eat regular food, not shakes?
I keep emphasizing the liquid portion of the diet is crucial in it not "taking forever!" There is a reason why liquid diets are so much more fast working than solid food. Liquid Nutrition assimilates in the body more quickly. Your body is not going to hold onto its fat reserves as long as it is receiving that nutrition. The liquid is key in the speed of the weight loss. It's flushing out the toxins and at the same time delivering nutrition (think of it like a water fast on steroids!). This is why doctors put patients on a liquid diet when they need to get that weight off quickly to prepare for surgery. They don't put them on low calorie solid food! LOL They put them on liquid for a reason. Liquid Diets are specially formulated to work fast. That's why I selected a Liquid Diet. I am the Impatient Dieter!
Do your own research.  Here's a link to start you off:

Why eat so many times each day?
To boost my metabolism.  Eating few meals a day triggers your body's starvation response. Consuming less meals turns you into a fat-storing, binge-seeking slug.  Eating many meals throughout the day energizes you and your metabolism.
Do your own research.  Here's a link to start you off:

Why such high protein consumption?
Protein boosts your metabolism for weight loss, encourages fat loss, and preserves lean muscle.  I get more than the RDA.  We will discuss this on a future episode of "The Easy Way Show!" WOOOOOO!
Do your own research.  Here's a link to start you off:

Couldn't you drink any whey protein shake?
NOOOO! A whey protein shake is a protein-supplement shake. You need a meal-replacement shake. You are replacing meals; thus, you need a meal-replacement shake. Talk to your doctor about meal-replacement shakes. There are vitamins, minerals, and nutritents and the daily amount your body requires listed in the nutritional information of the shakes I linked above. I did not link you over to protein supplements... I linked you over to meal replacements. Those sites also sell protein-supplement shakes if you are an athlete or someone looking to supplement their diet with additional protein (and their protein-supplement shakes are delicious!). But for weight loss AND YOUR HEALTH, you need a meal-replacement shake. Read the nutritional information and do your own research. Whey shakes are not meal replacements; they are designed for athletes to enhance their performance and GAIN weight. A meal-replacement shake is scientifically formulate to provide you the vital nutrients and vitamins your body requires to healthily function correctly. Feeding your body the nutrients it needs is not only vital to your health, but crucial in your body not feeling deprived and holding on to its reserves for survival. You get ONE life. You need to value it; it is irreplaceable! Again, discuss this with your doctor! Don't email me! My site is not medical advice to you. My site and youtube channel showcase what I did and used to lose weight. I cannot offer advice to you; for the last time, speak with your doctor. I was not a mad-scientist brewing up some home-made whey concotion. I used a Medical Meal-Replacement Shake tested and formulated by educated, degreed scientists, researchers, and doctors -- not youtube vloggers.

Here's a whey nutrition information label to compare the vitamins and daily value percentage. Note all the zeros under vitamins:

What about some random GNC protein shake?
NOOOO! Over-the-counter protein supplements are NOT tested... NOTHING IN GNC IS TESTED... NOT tested to prove they work... NOT tested to prove they are safe... NOT tested to prove they are effective for weight loss.. NOT tested for their nutritient and vitamin information... NOT even tested for an accurate list of ingredients. In fact, as long as the phrase "Proprietary Blend" is listed, they do NOT even have to disclose what those ingredients are. You have absolutely NO assurances of what exactly you are putting in your body. I wouldn't play with my health like that. The shakes and supplements I linked above have years of documented testing by scientists and medical professionals. Supplements are a $24 Billion Dollar, highly unregulated industry, which is why so many products DO NOT WORK! They do not have to prove anything about their products to get them on the shelves; the FDA has to prove products are unsafe to remove them from the shelves. Watch this fabulous documentary in which a man films himself making supplements in his kitchen with illegal immigrants... and everything he does is 100% legal. This is what ends up on the shelves of GNC and ultimately in your body. We will discuss this during my Supplement Review Series.

The entire documentary is absolutely fascinating. Purchase it for $2 on Amazon:
"Bigger, Stronger, Faster: The Side Effects of Being American"

Why didn't you drink Wal-mart Shakes?
Please, y'all know I'm a Wal-mart Warrior! I love Sam. But this is the one time he slipped... on those shakes... hmmm...
OK, Slimfast (and the Walmart version) do not work (as fast) for a few reasons:
#1 They taste like sh!#. We are dieters for a reason. We like things that taste good. Those shakes do not. I'm not going to be committed to something that does not taste good (and neither are you).
#2 Not as many essential vitamins and minerals (we want to make sure we're running our machine at top-notch to burn off that weight).
#3 They're way too high in carbs, way too low in protein. Compare the nutritional information of a Slimfast Shake:
Slimfast Chocolate Shake Nutrition Information
Weight Clinic Chocolate Shake Nutrition Information

You know we need high protein to preserve our muscle. But, we actually haven't talked about carbs. I always think these things are common knowledge because I know them, but let me break it down real quick. Your body burns carbs for energy before it begins burning fat. If you are consuming a bunch of carbs (sugar), your body has to burn all of those off before it starts burning fat. Look it up, google it so you can understand. That's the basis of Atkins. That's how Atkins works (cutting carbs really low so the body only has fat to burn for energy--its second energy source).

Read About How Carbs Make You Fat:
Diabetes Health Article:
Dr. Andrew Weil Article:
Women & Insulin Resistance:

If you are literally drinking a bunch of liquid carbs... liquid carbs... uhh-uhh, people! No, this doesn't sound like Impatient Dieting to me. We need to discuss that whole calorie is a calorie is a calorie is horsesh!#. It's not true.
Protein vs. Fat vs. Carb process differently.

Also if you have some degree of insulin resistance (which many people 40 - 50 lbs or more overweight do), your body cannot break down carbs. The carbs you consume do not get used for energy. The carbs do not get to your cells. The carbs go straight to fat storage, and they impede your body from burning the fat that it is already carrying. On "The Weight Clinic Plans," you would not be consuming additional carbs. You need to check with your doctor to make sure you don't have insulin resistance. If you do, you need to stay away from carbs until you get your weight down and your body re-learns how to break them down.

Watch this amazing lecture by Nutrition Ninja, Tom Naughton, where he cites this study in which fat mice STARVED to death WITHOUT burning their body fat due to the body's insulin response.

I'll be reviewing his amazing documentary "Fat Head"

OK, so here's what you need:
    -- a meal-replacement shake (so you get all your nutrients)
    -- with low carbs (so your body quickly burns through them and goes straight to it's stored fat for energy)
    -- with high protein (so you preserve your lean muscle)
    -- that does not taste like gym socks (Sorry Sam and Slimfast... and Optifast!)

But yes, those shakes have too many carbs. That's why they don't work (as fast) as shakes sold by weight loss clinics. Medical meal-replacement shakes have high protein and low carbs. So it's basically like "Liquid Atkins". In fact, if you did this diet they way they tell you to do it (eating lean & green for your meal), this diet is basically Atkins on steroids. If you weren't a know-it-all like me, you'd do this diet as directed (which is most likely what your doctor is going to tell you to do--he's going to laugh you out of his office if you bring him my plan!). But on the subject of carbs: Unless you are going to have a very physical routine (at least during your weight loss phase) you need to cut the carbs. I eat a varied amount of additional carbs with my solid meals to support my exercise (sorry, can't really report on the exact amount I consume--wasn't that scientific with it, but it is low amount--toast slice, 1/2 wrap, lavash roll, etc. -- I'll try to pay closer attention), but if you are NOT going to be having a very active routine, your doctor will most likely advise you to take even my small amount of additional carbs out. Talk to your doctor! Anyway, we'll discuss it soon on "The Easy Way Show!"

Why do you eat fat?
For a number of reasons already previously discussed in earlier videos including, but not limited to: avoiding plateaus, circumventing the body's starvation response, feeling of fullness, energy for my workouts, hair, nails, skin, mood, and consuming fat actually burns more fat.  Susan Powter was/is wrong. Visit my New Tips & Research Page for the latest research.
But do your own research.  Here are a few links to start you off:

Why do you eat carbohydrates?
You need them to support your physical activity.  This is a topic we haven't discussed.  I will be discussing this topic on a future episode. However, as stated above, many people 40-50 lbs or more overweight have some degree of insulin resistance. Which is why on "The Weight Clinic Plans," you would not be consuming extra carbs as I have. Therefore, you need to discuss with your doctor if consuming carbs is appropriate for you at this time. You can re-incorporate them once you have released some weight and your body has re-learned how to break them down. But you will be hitting your head against a wall if you are insulin-resistant and cannot break down the carbs. They will just be stored as fat... and your efforts will be frustrated. Do your own research on insulin resistance.

1200 calories doesn't sound low enough?
Extremely low calorie diets decrease your metabolism; I wanted to energize mine.  Because most dieters don't/can't exercise on them, they typically have the opposite result - with mostly fluid and muscle loss.  Because your body has lost muscle, when you gain the weight back, there is less muscle to burn it off, which means ultimately dieters get fatter and fatter with each diet.
Do your own research.  Here's a link to start you off:

Why do you drink so much water?
To burn fat, your fat cells have to be free of the excess water and toxins you are retaining right now.  If you're the type of person who hasn't been drinking enough (*raises her hand*), your body retains it -- a lot of it -- as a survival response.  Drinking water speeds up your metabolism, flushes out impurities, and aids in your weight loss.
Do your own research.  Here's a link to start you off:

What else do you consume?
Grape Flavored Water (approx. 3/4 gallon)
A Multivitamin
Really, Really Good Inspirational Books!

Is that the only reason you're so successful?
Cynics would say yes...Those who think like me would say no! I keep emphasizing that my thinking is different.  Most people don't have "the ears to hear" that.  I am trying my hardest to get people to realize the power to create their "goal body" is within them.  Detach yourself from your weight, the messages of defeat you expose yourselves to everyday, and stop limiting your vision to the things you "can see." As Dr. Dyer puts it, "...if you're limiting yourself only to things you can see, why are you paying your electric bill?" Now I don't want to minimize the excellent shakes, the water, the exercise, speeding up metabolism... all of that works together... the faith and the deeds work together! LOL

Please watch my New Type Z Success Series. I share 4 Quick, Simple Practices you can do every day to help you achieve your goals. While I believe all of these practices can be incorporated into anyone's schedule, for those who complain about time, you absolutely can incorporate listening to Subliminal Messages while you sleep. They are a success tool used by everyone from Stephen Spielberg to Tiger Woods to Tony Robbins to Impatient Dieter! And listening to them while you sleep is as Type Z as it gets. Do they work? Probably a little too well! [Click Here To Read My Hilarious Friend's Warning.] I listen to these 3 messages:

Why don't you have loose skin & stretch marks?
I believe that the protein and fat I am consuming have contributed to my non-hanging, tight skin.  Fat and protein are vital for skin.  I get in morning and evening exercising. I do a lot of visualization, meditation, and most of all... I believe I create my own reality. Visit my Beauty Dilemmas Page for a discussion of how MSM can help you tighten skin and diminish stretch marks. I do not have severe stretch marks, but I do have tiny ones. Many women report online that they formed during puberty. I honestly don't recall; I certainly was not vain enough to notice back then; I was too busy being a nerd. But I am trying several topical aids to diminish them to "Become a 10 in 2010." In addition, I am loving all these testimonials about compression suits and I am learning more about which would be more appropriate for us. After trying two other, much more costly suits, the third time has got to be the charm! I will wear one compression suit to work out in and another suit to sleep in. This is my final attempt at "Type Z Body Toning!"

$29.95 Latex Compression Suit
$59.95 Hard-Core Compression
work out compression suit impatient dieter
latex sleep compression suit impatientdieter
$59.95 Super-Strength Latex $34.95 Capri Latex Compression
sleep, work out, compression suit, shaper, impatientdieter
long, capri, latex shaper, work out, sleep, compression suit, impatient dieter
Though it is uncommon in Western Culture, the ancient practice of "belly binding" dates back centuries in cultures across the world. We'll discuss that later, but in our society, Compression Suits are the secret Hollywood Starlets use to shape their physiques! You may know that people who have had plastic surgery wear them afterward to help shape their bodies; but you may not know, they reportedly assist in shaping bodies of people, regardless of if they've had cosmetic surgery -- such as after childbirth or people who lose a lot of weight. As older subscribers know, I originally ordered a Stage 1 Compression Suit to wear at night. I did not realize that Stage 1 is looser, bulkier, and designed to be worn for only the first 2 weeks after cosmetic surgery for "healing." I then ordered a Stage 2. But the more I researched about the benefit of compression suits, I found people reporting amazing transformations from wearing compression garments while they exercised (for increased circulation & shaping). That compression garment was not something I could comfortably work out in and it irritated my skin. I then wore the capri, dual-compression latex suit while exercising & an above-the-knee latex suit to sleep in. Latex provides a high degree of compression, doesn't stretch out, and is surprisingly comfortable. So my non-professional recommendation is that you purchase two latex suits: one to sleep in and one to work out in. Now this company truly rocks, offering them at only $30, but they offer great deals on other suits too. Some of their suits are super hard-core like Body Magic with hook-and-eye closure beneath a front zipper. And that super-strength latex suit is strong as heck! Some of their suits even contain booty pads! Now seeing me with booty pads is going to be hilarious! This is gonna be a really fun series! I ordered a wide variety--see all on my Compression Suit Page. (Sizing Chart is also on that page.)

All of these are way more affordable than those dang $200 ones I've bought. By the way, keep a few of those plastic cylinder tube canisters that the Walmart Grape Drink comes in. These are crotchless for going to the bathroom, but unless you have aim from hell, you'll need to keep a few plastic canisters under your bathroom sink cabinet. Trust me! I'll explain this tip in this series. Anyway, research compression garments for shaping your physique during and after weight loss.

What Else Do You Need?

Female or Male Multivitamin
[price varies]

Shake Blender Bottle With Wire Wisk Ball

Smoothie Maker For Home or Office: 

Grape Drink:

Free/Cheap Treadmills:

Click Here To Read My FAQ Page For More In-depth Q&A On My Plan.



no shoe zone, impatient dieter, remove your shoes, psa
We walk through the filth of the world: Sidewalks, Subways, Truck Stops, Prisons... hey maybe you have a relative to visit, I don’t know... if you don’t remove your shoes, you are tracking all that back into your home. Just as Oprah is raising our consciousness about the need to make your car a No-Phone Zone, I would like to raise your consciousness of the need to make your home a No-Shoe Zone. Tomorrow, look down while you are walking, and note all the muck you walk through... so you're going to track all that back in your house and wallow around in it... NOOOOO! So the moment you walk through your door, please remove your gross, disgusting, vile, revolting, germ-laden, parasite-ridden, filthy friggin shoes! Thank you!


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