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Why is Sulfur so good for your skin? Because you are a Hunter-Gatherer. Your ancestors were exposed to the elements. Your body has been conditioned to receive loads of organic sulfur, not only in your diet, but from literally being exposed to rain water, ocean water, lakes, streams, etc. You drank it; you bathed in it; you absorbed it through your skin; you ate unprocessed plants and animals that consumed it straight from the wild. Now, you live in a house, drink filtered water, and eat processed food. Comparatively, you are getting relatively no Sulfur like your body has been adapted to receive. When you take in organic sulfur topically and internally, you are restoring yourself the way nature intended. Supplementing your diet and body is a must. In this series I will showcase my use of them and document the various benefits I am receiving such as:

  • Extremely Rapid Eczema Healing
  • Scar Diminishing
  • Softer, Younger-Looking, Tighter Skin
  • Release of Menstrual Water Weight & Bloating
  • Decreased Menstrual Pain/Cramping (esp. when used with ibuprofen)
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Flexibility & Much More
  • Links to all products I am using are below
My Research: DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is truly Nature's Healer. It was discovered in 1866 by Russian Scientist, Dr. Alexander M. Saytzeff. In America, it is manufactured from trees as a run-off product of the paper industry (thus, it is not patentable, abundant, and cheap... too cheap). It is a tiny, simple, featherweight molecule, thus giving it a unique ghost-like ability to penetrate skin and enter the bloodstream within seconds. Paint a half-dollar size on your wrist and you will taste it on the tip of your tongue within seconds--that's how fast it travels. Its small size also allows it to be a powerful solvent, capable of dissolving more substances than any other known solvent, and transporting those dissolved substances through the skin with it. Once in the body, it penetrates tissues and cell walls (thus transporting healing agents into the cell and excreting toxins out). It attaches to unstable molecules (a.k.a. "free radicals," which are your body's rust that age your appearance and are the basis for all diseases) and flushes them from your system. It is a diuretic. It is a potent anti-inflammatory painkiller. It is an appetite suppressant. It has extraordinary healing powers. It breaks up internal and external scar tissue. And guys, it does much, much more. With its ability to dissolve and transport medication through the skin, it enables medication to be applied topically and entered into your bloodstream in seconds; thereby, bypassing the digestive tract, which is where adverse reactions occur and is chiefly responsible for that huge list of "side-effects" at the end of the drug's advertisement. Not only that, but it has been documented to replace the need for many of those medications altogether. Yet, unlike those medications, it's almost completely non-toxic. The toxic dose for any substance is measured by a scientific standard known as the "Lethal Dose 50" (expressed as "LD50"). That is the amount of a substance that will kill 50% of test animals. Aspirin is perhaps the safest drug in your medicine cabinet right now. In monkeys, Aspirin has an LD50 of 558mg/kg. DMSO has an LD50 of 4,000mg/kg (7 times safer than Aspirin). DMSO is a substance totally strange and not completely understood in medical science that will probably revolutionize therapeutics once it is thoroughly studied. As Dr. Jacob says, we are literally just scratching the surface of its capabilities.

My Commentary: It is used in 125 countries, but in America, it has only been approved to treat a bladder condition in women. You may be asking, if a drug is this safe, has this multiplicity of uses, and is this cheap, why haven't I heard of it? Surely drug companies would have put me onto this? HAHAHAHA! PUL-LEASE! Anyway, it is amazing! I mentioned it in my latest video, but will discuss it extensively because I am literally bathing in the stuff (and no, the smell is not as bad as portrayed on the "60 Minutes" Interview below; trust me, I'm very sensitive to that--and make sure you watch the interview for the lady with the cigarette hanging out of her mouth--that crap is truly lulzy!). And there is a new Rose-Scented DMSO & Aloe Vera Cream listed below.

Because of its ability to deeply transport substances through the skin into underlying tissues, DMSO will be incorporated into all of my "11 in 2011" Series. Intro video will be uploaded soon. But please research it yourself. Sorry guys, but you're going to actually have to open books for this one. I know for many of you that is a foreign concept, but unfortunately, DMSO had it's Hay-Day 30 years before the internet. I will provide as much info as I can in my videos, but you need to empower yourself with knowledge! There are people in countries that would kill to have the access to books that you do. So knock it off, people, and open some friggin' books!

Brief Overview: MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is an odorless derivative of DMSO. Like DMSO, it is a featherweight molecule with the ability to easily penetrate your skin and underlying tissue; therefore, as Dr. Jacob explains, " is extremely useful when employed as a topical gel, cream, or lotion." Unlike DMSO, it cannot transport other substances into the skin with it. It has similar capabilities of providing relief from pain, inflammation, allergies, and is a popular nutritional supplement. Like DMSO, it is virtually non-toxic. The LD50 of your table salt is 2.5 to 3g/kg. The LD50 of MSM is more than 20g/kg... so is water. MSM is as toxic as water.

MSM's Development: As head of a transplant department, Dr. Jacob came across a British research paper about various chemical compounds used to freeze live red blood cells, one of which was DMSO. Oddly, DMSO freezes solid at 68 Degrees F, but is not cold to the touch. He learned DMSO was produced by a paper-making company. He contacted the company and he and their chemist, Robert Herschler, began researching the activity of DMSO. They noted that in plants and trees DMSO moved through tissues and carried other substances with it. They then tested animals and found the same to be true. They not only noted its ability to carry medications through the skin, but its potent pain-reduction and anti-inflammatory properties (for instance, when applied over an acute ankle sprain, they could see the swelling resolved in an hour). Dr. Jacob then became interested in its odorless metabolite, MSM, and subsequently developed MSM and was the first physician to use it in the treatment of patients.

I'm trying to break this down to be as simple as possible, so please don't think I am insulting your intelligence; just trying to thoroughly explain stuff... you don't get my emails! OK... when you have any sort of affliction, disease, illness, whatever, in your body, it is because your cells are not functioning correctly. If your cells are not functioning correctly, the cell membranes are not allowing healthy stuff in and not allowing toxins out. What DMSO and MSM do that other substances can't do (at least not without a bunch of negative side-effects) is they easily penetrate the cell membranes and force those damaged cells to do what they ordinarily would not do... allow good stuff in and bad stuff out. OK, so... in essence they are (by non-toxic means) forcing these cells to function like healthy cells. Not only that, let's talk elemetary chemistry real quick: The Sulfur Pole has a strong Negative Charge, and the Oxygen Pole a strong Positive Charge. This enables them to attach very easily to damaged charged molecules (free radicals) that are basically eating away at your body like rust, and flush them out of your system. So you have DMSO & MSM, easily passing through your tissues, at extremely rapid rates, scavenging for free radicals and peeing and crapping them out. Does this all kind of make sense? OK, then don't email me! Just kidding. :)

Sulfur is the third most abundant ingredient in your body. It is in every cell. Sulfur is called Nature's Beauty Mineral. It keeps your hair glossy and smooth and your complexion clear and youthful. You know when you burn a strand of hair -- that strong smell is Sulfur. OK, just a little more chemistry: Because of the strong Positive and Negative Charge of the Poles of these molecules, they enable Sulfur-to-Sulfur Bonds to be more strengthened. In other words, your hair, your skin, your nails... the sulfur bonds are stronger... that is why MSM and DMSO makes them look better and grow stronger and longer. Speaking specifically about the DMSO molecule, it has an exceptionally strong bond. In fact, DMSO-to-Water Bonds are stronger than Water-to-Water Bonds. It truly is a mysterious substance. Many believe it heals you simply because you are mostly water.

In terms of Scars, everyone is different. Two people can get the same cut and end up with varying degrees of scarring afterward. Why this happens is not completely known, but one factor appears to be a process called "cross-linking." Abnormal increases in cross-linking increases the bulk of a scar. MSM normalizes the cross-linking process, which Dr. Jacob explains, "...was determined in laboratory experiments. The practical effect of this is that when MSM is taken orally as a supplement and/or use as a gel or a lotion topically it helps lessen scar formation and reduces the potential for pain. MSM does not eliminate scarring, but it helps, and even many years after the formation of a scar, it may alter scar tissue in a positive manner." For Surgeries, Dr. Jacob gives this advice, "For best results, start taking MSM before surgery and continue afterward. Once the dressing comes off and the wound is closed, apply topical MSM to the affected site." On the subject of Stretch Marks, he states, "MSM may also lessen the prominence of stretch marks. Start using it right after childbirth. The marks won't disappear, but you should start seeing a reduction within two months." For Keloids, he offers this, "MSM gradually softens and reduces such heavy scar tissues and makes them less prominent. If you put MSM to use for this purpose, be patient. The reduction process can takes (sic) months and even years, and will not completely remove the scar." In response to women calling his office excitedly remarking how their Wrinkles "vanished" he says, "...MSM does a lot of good things for the body but there is no evidence that it erases wrinkles. Many women observe that it makes their skin softer. This effect probably also softens the wrinkle lines." Dr. Jacob later quotes a make-up artist, Liz Miners of Ontario's Lizanne's Hairdressing Salon, who offers this advice, "Cleanse your face as normal, then rub in some of the lotion. It helps the makeup go on smoother. You see softer, more pliable skin. Dry, scaly skin becomes more supple. Some people notice the change right away. For others, with bad skin conditions, it may take a while." Miners also recommends using the lotion twice a day and taking a teaspoon of crystals in an ounce of water twice a day.
Source: The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solution For Pain, by Stanley W. Jacob, M.D., Ronald M. Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D., and Martin Zucker (pp. 218-222)

Now, DMSO and Skin are inextricably linked. As Dr. Morton Walker explains, "Administered in any manner, DMSO is absorbed and enters the blood stream by way of the skin capillaries. These tiny blood vessels distribute it into the circulatory system so that it enters tissues throughout the body." In a discussion of Scars, he states, "A concentration of 50 to 80 percent put on two to three times a day will flatten the raised scar after several months. Microscopic changes seen in the skin will show loosening of collagen bundles." Through repeated topical application, DMSO will flatten raised scars. Regarding Acne, he states, "It could also aid in reducing scarring from chronic acne." In reference to Keloids, he offers, "In one study of ten people with keloids, applying up to 80 percent DMSO a couple of times a day induced scar flattening with loosening of the collagen surrounding the fibrous bundles. DMSO may be useful in preventing adhesions secondary to previous surgery. This would be accomplished by instilling a dilute solution of DMSO in the abdominal cavity at the time of surgery. More research needs to be done on this. Thus, DMSO reduces, dissolves, or prevents the formation of scar tissue, a feature in Burns as well. It prevents the contracture of the scar tissue left after burns."
Source: DMSO: Nature's Healer, by Dr. Morton Walker (pp. 41, 57, 77)

In skin, collagen fibers lie in a flat crisscross pattern. It works with another protein called elastin, responsible for the elasticity in skin. These two fibers account for the resilience and tone of your skin. MSM is responsible for the flexible bond between cells. It blocks undesirable cross-linking or collagen bonding, associated with tough, aging skin and enhances pliability of skin. If there is insufficient MSM in your body while new cells are being manufactured, they become rigid and this rigidity contributes to cracking, wrinkling, sagging, and scars. When sufficient MSM is present, it makes skin softer, smoother, more flexible, and more resilient.
Source: The MSM Miracle: Enhance Your Health with Organic Sulfur, by Earl L. Mindell, R.Ph., Ph.D. (pg. 25)

I am developing my own DMSO & MSM Strategy, inspired by Daniel Vitalis' videos below.

I am choking down a DMSO & MSM morning cocktail as Daniel Vitalis demonstrates in his video (I mix one tablespoon of each together in a glass of water), but to be completely honest, that crap is STRAIGHT-UP NASTY! However, I will second his testimonial on increased energy and flexibility... and I will add my own testimonial that my skin is downright converted to silk. I will also second the football player on the "60 Minutes" Interview about cramps... ladies, menstrual cramps--mine are killer--knocked them right out, minutes after drinking! Also (cover your ears men), you guys saw how bloated I get -- took my water weight right away. Suprised none of the books discuss this. That's where the money is; menstrual pain & bloating affects more than 50% of the friggin' Earth... actually 50% of the Milky Way Galaxy! Develop some product, using DMSO, and market it with those skinny girls wearing white outfits, they use to sell all the other menstrual crap! Anyway, I will include this all in an upcoming video.
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**NEW: For those concerned about using DMSO from a plastic bottle, this DMSO comes in glass.
I am misting my body after my morning bath with a light, all-over 60/40 DMSO/Distilled Water mist; followed by a light, all-over 100% Liquid MSM Mist. Again, the whole "smell" thing is waaay over-hyped! This is not bad at all--and the scent goes away. My skin is so damn soft; especially my boobs, booty, & legs (especially after shaving legs with Gillette Mach 3 -- that new Gillette Fusion is a steamy pile of donkey crap; save your $8). But my knees, ankles, soles of feet... everything is softening up like a baby. But if you're hesitant due to the smell, try the new Rose-scented DMSO & Aloe Vera Cream below.

**NEW: Many continue to email asking about the original Born Again MSM Soap and Cream I showcase in the "Loose Skin & Stretch Marks" video. They are linked to the right.
As many of you know, I have experimented with creating my own MSM soap using Aloe Vera Gel, Liquid MSM, and Liquid Ivory Body Wash. Rather than attempt to explain on my site or numerous back-and-forth emails, I will explain my formula in an upcoming video. You can also make soap completely from scratch, using soap flakes and glycerin. I'll probably experiment with that this year also.

**NEW: For those concerned about DMSO's smell, this DMSO/Aloe Vera Cream is rose-scented.
Some people experience skin irritation with topical application of DMSO. I haven't personally experienced issues; however, irritation is typically alleviated by decreasing the concentration of DMSO. Also, over time, skin will build a tolerance to DMSO. But as a remedy, using Aloe Vera decreases irritation; which is why many DMSO pre-mixtures contain Aloe Vera. As an aside, in his book, Dr. Jacob warns fair-skinned people, especially blondes and redheads, to use precaution with the strength of DMSO used, as there is a higher incidence of skin irritation.
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(70% DMSO / 30% ALOE)
(70% DMSO / 30% ALOE)
When DMSO is applied topically to the skin, it deeply enhances the absorption of whatever substance is on the skin. It is important to have extremely clean skin before applying DMSO, because whatever is on your skin, will be deeply penetrated. Also, while the DMSO is still wet on the skin, it is vital not to make unintentional contact with any substance. Whatever is placed on the skin, will be rapidly and deeply absorbed. This is why I am using DMSO in my treatment strategy. In addition, there are many testimonials about the healing power of DMSO for a wide assortment of ailments. Please view the Video Playlists linked in the research section below. In my video series, I will show how I personally dilute and use DMSO for my treatment. However, please note DMSO is intended as a solvent only. I am simply showcasing how I am using it and what benefits I am receiving. I am not a medical professional of any kind. Please consult your doctor for information and advice.

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Please watch these videos presented by amazing physician, Dr. Stanley W. Jacob, and Health Guru, Daniel Vitalis.

This fascinating "60 Minutes" Interview with Dr. Stanley W. Jacob investigates the troubled history of DMSO, and reveals why it is NOT in the best interest of drug companies for you to know about it.
In my latest video, I introduced my DMSO & MSM Strategy. This was based on a series by Health Guru, Daniel Vitalis. His very informative videos are in the playlist below.
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**NOTE: I am neither sponsored to do any videos, nor do I receive any products free. Rather than putting up a bunch of banner ads on my site, I actually review products and showcase my results. If you go through my website to order your products, you support my website and my show. That is what an "affiliate" is. I do not represent any company. My opinion is unbiased. I will have many series beginning soon, so please stay tuned to The Easy Way Show! I have a lot coming for you guys!
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We walk through the filth of the world: Sidewalks, Subways, Truck Stops, Prisons... hey maybe you have a relative to visit, I don’t know... if you don’t remove your shoes, you are tracking all that back into your home. Just as Oprah is raising our consciousness about the need to make your car a No-Phone Zone, I would like to raise your consciousness of the need to make your home a No-Shoe Zone. Tomorrow, look down while you are walking, and note all the muck you walk through... so you're going to track all that back in your house and wallow around in it... NOOOOO! So the moment you walk through your door, please remove your gross, disgusting, vile, revolting, germ-laden, parasite-ridden, filthy friggin shoes! Thank you!

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