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Well, I will embed my past videos of "Mind Week" here, but I will no longer be suggesting books for you guys to read. I need to keep this as Type Z and Easy Way as possible. So I will instead be suggesting audiobooks and we will discuss audiobooks and audio recording by enlightened teachers. If you guys have suggestions, please feel free to send them in.

Right now, you need to stop whatever the hell you are doing, scrape together $15, go over to iTunes, and download the new seminar "Excuses BeGone" that Dr. Wayne W. Dyer gave in Hawaii. Now, you guys know what a total stalker I am, so if I say these are the best things I have ever heard flow from this man's lips... trust me... this audio presentation is What's Up! You have to skip to Time: 4:40 just before Hour 5 (the friggin thing is 7 Hours Long--should be more than $15!). Anyway, he says something so f$#@!*& profound to this obese woman (Michelle) about whether something is true. It is GUARANTEED to transform your thinking around your weight loss. Get this audio recording today. I am telling you: listening to it is instant therapy transformation! You have to listen to it from the beginning to see how it all fits together, but skip to Time: 4:40 and be blown away! I can't wait to talk about it! WOOOOO! I'm even more obsessed with him now... as if that's possible!


Free "Theatre of the Mind Podcast" with Barbara Hand Clow:
Manifestation & The Spring Equinox:

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! WOOOO! Yes, the Spring Equinox marks the true start of a new year. It's a new beginning; a fresh start; don't miss this opportunity! We are entering 3 months of deep creative energy. If you have experienced difficulty attaining your New Year's Goals year after year, try this spectacular technique for manifestation given by Mayan Elder, Barbara Hand Clow. Use the creative energies present right now to manifest your desires this year. This 3-month period is designated for beginning new projects. I lucked-up into it! I began my weight loss in May... thank goodness! And I most definitely reaped the benefits of all the creative energy present at this time. Plus prior to starting my plan, I was doing a ton of research right during this creative time period. Definitely take a listen; she explains each of the four "3-month periods" throughout the year & how each period is going to help you manifest your desires. Right now is the beginning of the 3 months of creation, where you start new projects, affirm your desires, & make your resolutions. Keep your eyes open to opportunities. Many things will begin coming to you now in order to manifest your desires. This is all kick-started when the Zodiac resets at the Spring Equinox. For more info, watch this on Youtube & read the sidebar notes.


"Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Breathnach

WOOOO! He was the undisputed Heavy Weight Champion of the World, Iron Mike Tyson, and I am so grateful that I am his weight! :)

Today's tip is to create a Gratitude Journal. Don't make a huge procedure out of it, or you'll never do it. Just make a quick text file on your desktop that you'll see everyday and just jot down 5 things that you were thankful for today. And just watch how you attract more and more things to be grateful for each day!

"You'll See It When You Believe It"
"Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life"
both by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Les Brown: The Master Motivational Speaker:

Anyway.... WOOOO! 214 on the nose, son! Have you ever met a woman so happy to be 214? Today's tip is really get in touch with what you believe with regard to your weight loss because regardless of what it is, you will absolutely live it out.


"You'll See It When You Believe It"
by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Visit Dr. Dyer's Website Here:

Lost EXACTLY one pound again! I totally attracted this to myself. That completely rocks! Today's Tip is to let go of beliefs that do not serve you or you will be caught in their trappings. You can transcend the things you see, your past, the things you've read, the stifling brainwashing you're living. You can create a reality outside of the limitations of your past experience or the experience of others with regard to your weight loss. I'M LIVING PROOF! You Will See It When You Believe It! Buy It Today!


My Guru: Marc Allen

Watch Marc Allen:
Visit His Website:

Clearly, I have a Type A Personality, but my weight loss is anything but. This is Type Z all the way, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Today's Tip: develop an affirmation that matches the type of weight loss that you want and just watch the things you attract into your life. I created mine with Marc Allen's suggested affirmation ending " an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way."

Also, still on my Anti-"Hard Way" proselytizing!


The Opus:

When it comes to YOUR weight loss: Forget statistics! Forget other people's experiences! Forget naysayers! Create your own vision for your own life and live that out. It's your thoughts; it's your beliefs; it's your experience; it's your life. You have to avoid the trapping of other people's opinions, thoughts, and failures. Don't wake up when you're 80 and realize you didn't live your own best life.

  Yippeee... no water weight today! I get to enjoy the one's for another day! But that water weight is coming and woe is me!

Anyway, WOOOO! I'm down to 197.4 Pounds. That's 59.6 Pounds Lost on my liquid diet and I'm so excited about that.

Today's tip is to go to the bookstore or go to itunes and get some audiobooks by some inspirational, motivational, enlightened teachers and listen to them when you're doing your daily routine. I know you are probably too busy to sit down and read the books, but every book nowadays has an audio companion and listening to these uplifting words and teachings will help you develop your new mantra and new way of thinking for weight loss and successful maintenance.

"The Power of Now" & "A New Earth"
Both By Master Eckhart Tolle

Watch Eckhart Tolle on The Hour:

Check out Eckhart Tolle's Youtube Channel:

Day 47 of Liquid Diet Weight Loss Plan. Lost a little water from yesterday. Anyway, today I'm discussing some sugar-free candy you can try to help with your menstrual cravings for sweets. Try these. Get a ziploc bag and throw in a few and tuck it in your purse... just be prepared so it's not you in a stand-off with a Vending Machine Snickers Bar.


"Power vs. Force" by Dr. David Hawkins

Visit Dr. Hawkins' Website:

As I have stated, I believe daily weigh-ins without movement on the scale will cause negative emotions which will have a physical impact on your body as well as dragging you down out of that elevated Creative Spirit. As you know, I wholeheartedly believe that is a huge contributor to my success. In any case, you should discover what works for you and do that.


Watch Dr. Dyer Explain His Book:
Visit Dr. Wayne W. Dyer's Website:

"Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life"

Anyway, you may truly believe that your rigid thinking in life is your display of strength, but it's not; rigidness is weakness. Soften your thinking in life around everything, but for us, particularly around your ideas about weight loss. There are soooooo many nuggets of wisdom that you will clearly be able to apply directly to your thinking around your weight loss, that I truly cannot stress enough how this book will transform your life. If you are serious about changing your thinking around weight loss and transforming your life with permanent, lasting results and easy maintenance, you need to pick up this book.

  Check out Dr. Dyer's New Movie: "The Shift"
Watch Muscle Testing of Positive vs. Negative Thoughts:

I'm gushing about my favorite author, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, again because I had no idea that he had a movie. Check it out above; it's called "The Shift". I discovered it while I was searching youtube for a video of Dr. Dyer explaining his book, "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life". Anyway, definitely click those links above and realize the power of your thoughts surrounding your weight loss journey... and yes... own YOUR weight loss journey and allow others to own THEIRS. This is yours. Maintain a high energy field, and be strengthened by high energy thoughts around it. Don't allow others to contaminate your energy field. As Dr. Dyer states: "The energy that you have for creating everything that you want is in your thoughts."
  "Ask and It Is Given: The Teachings of Abraham"
Visit Esther, Jerry, and Abraham's Youtube Channel:
Weight Loss:

Today's Book is one of my favorites. One I have completely marked-up and even got the audio recording to play in my car. I absolutely love this "group" of teachers and this book is astounding. I use several of the processes to release resistance around things when I ask for them. We'll discuss different ones as they present themselves as topics, but today's tip is #12, "The Wouldn't It Be Nice If...." Give it a try. Instead of saying "I want to lose 5 pounds this week," and have to wrestle all your doubtful and fearful thinking... say "Wouldn't it be nice if I lost 5 pounds this week?" Your thoughts will be an emphatic "YES" and that will be your point of attraction.
  "The Biology Belief" by Dr. Bruce Lipton

Visit Dr. Bruce Lipton's Site:
(And there's a video with Dr. Dyer on it... yeah! I'm such a stalker!)
Anyway, go there and get "The Biology of Belief". Next Mind Week, we will talk about his audio recording, "The Wisdom of Your Cells". You need to get both and you also need a hankerchief because your mouth is going to be hung wide open at all these startling revelations. Dr. Lipton is off the chain. This is the most empowering book a dieter could ever invest in. I'm from the South; I have nothing but big-ass, 400 lb, pie wagons in my family. As a dieter with heritage from the Deep South, this is the most important book I have ever read.
  "The Power of Now," by Eckhart Tolle

Visit Guru Extraordinaire, Eckhart Tolle
(Is it me or is he really cute??)

He Also Has a YouTube Channel:

Day 55 of Liquid Diet Weight Loss Regiment.
188.4 Pounds - 68.6 Pounds Lost
I was half-sleep when I filmed this, and I'm half-sleep now! (See that's called living in the now! I am not separate from my sleep deprivation!)

"My Stroke of Insight" by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Watch Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor's TED Talk:

Visit Her Website:

Today's Tip is all about choosing your thought circuitry. You have that power. Choose what emotional and physiological circuitry you choose to run in response to your thoughts on weight loss.

  Great Video With Louise Hay:

Visit Louise Hay's Site:

Day 57 of Liquid Diet Weight Loss Regimen. 70 Pounds Lost.
This Video is Loud!

Today's Tip: When you are thinking a thought (whatever it may be), stop in the middle of that thought and ask yourself, "Would I like this thought to be creating my life?" Because it is. If the answer to that question is "no," it is just as simple as bringing yourself back to the present moment and changing to a different thought to create your true life's desires.

"The Type Z Guide To Success"
by Marc Allen

" an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way..."
Marc Allen is the bomb.

Watch On YouTube:
Visit His Website:

Day 58 of Liquid Diet Weight Loss Regiment.
Almost 71 Pounds Lost.
Trying to get caught up on editing and uploading the videos. I love the image that youtube saved for this video! LOL That is hilarious!



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We walk through the filth of the world: Sidewalks, Subways, Truck Stops, Prisons... hey maybe you have a relative to visit, I don’t know... if you don’t remove your shoes, you are tracking all that back into your home. Just as Oprah is raising our consciousness about the need to make your car a No-Phone Zone, I would like to raise your consciousness of the need to make your home a No-Shoe Zone. Tomorrow, look down while you are walking, and note all the muck you walk through... so you're going to track all that back in your house and wallow around in it... NOOOOO! So the moment you walk through your door, please remove your gross, disgusting, vile, revolting, germ-laden, parasite-ridden, filthy friggin shoes! Thank you!

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