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This is hilarious! As soon as I reupload the new video, the old video finally published! I had a feeling that would happen; that's why I didn't take the original down right away. Anyway, hopefully Youtube will be finished making all these interface changes before I upload more. I have some great content coming for you guys. I'm currently working on the Colon Health intro video--it's gonna be hilarious! And then I want to get my Stretch Mark and Scar Update Vids cut together -- gotta compile all the clips. After that, I'll work on the Compression Suit Intro Video. And finally, I have a special series planned for obscure holidays throughout the year... gonna be good... you won't want to miss it... hint: they're the ONLY videos you guys watch anyway!

Apologies to those who got my re-uploaded video in their boxes. I'm going to put it on the Unlisted setting, and I'll delete it once I'm sure there will be no problems with this one!

Anyway, I'm currently updating this page with research, book quotes, links, etc.

Subliminal Messages are a powerful weapon in my arsenal of success. As you all know, I have been listening to Weight Loss & LOA Subliminal Messages for some time. I recently began listening to Personal Development Subliminal Messages. A few of them focus on my physical appearance, while others assist with my internal work. I will discuss them all with you guys during this series and my Subliminal Messages Series. My latest messages are listed below.

In this series, I'll showcase my results using Callanetics and provide reviews on Compression Garments. Discussing Callanetics will be easy: it's old-school pilates... except it actually works! It was invented by Georgia Peach, Callan Pinckney (of course Georgia would represent!). Watch this short video and judge for yourself (skip to time 0:20). In my Anti-Aging Intro Video, I showed a side shot of my lifted "peach," but edited out the rear view shot. It was, umm... cheeky. I'll save that for a separate bodyshot video, so as not to offend anyone's sensibilities. But suffice to say, it looks A LOT better than what you guys remember. Anyway, pick up her book for 1 cent on Amazon, or get her DVD for about $10 - $15.

In discussing Compression Garments, I want to explore the history of using "compression." I'll also incorporate videos and reviews for my many Subscribers who are new mothers (since using compression for aesthetic purposes originated with y'all). Though it's uncommon in Western societies, the ancient practice of "belly binding" dates back centuries and is still prevalent in many cultures around the world. We'll discuss that later, but in our modern society, Compression Suits are the secret Hollywood Starlets use to shape their physiques! No more emails; I promise to start this series soon.
Anti-aging really necessitates a discussion on Growth Factors. So for a brief overview:
Growth Factors are proteins which initiate growth in all your tissues. They are necessary to build and restore connective tissues, nerves, muscle, bone, skin, etc. They speed up your metabolism. They increase your lean muscle and burn your fat. And finally, Growth Factors have have been clinically tested and proven to be effective in anti-aging because they initiate your tissue to regenerate by stimulating cellular growth. Make sense? Regeneration is the key to a youthful appearance externally and a healthy body internally.

Now, onto our looks:
Many people who lose a dramatic amount of weight suffer from laugh lines, which tends to age our appearance. To be quite honest, I got mine because I'm always smiling and laughing. I would have gotten them if I were 100 lbs. my whole life! There are various surgical (face lifts) and non-surgical (injections) cosmetic treatments I could have performed to treat my laugh lines; however, I am a hard-core wuss, and I would like to see the effects of some all-natural anti-aging supplements (which we actually need to be taking anyway). So I'm going to put you guys onto a couple that I am taking and review the entire gament of prices. Are the $150 ones better than the $20? Those $20 ones sure put a pep in my step! They are affordable to all so I started with them, but we'll see how it goes with the others. Also, I'm going to showcase my results using anti-aging topical treatments in conjunction with DMSO (for deep absorption). Read all below.
In this series, we will discuss Colostrum and Antler Velvet Extract and why they are so beneficial in anti-aging. As I stated in the intro video, I have absolutely never felt more energized. We'll explore the research and studies that have been conducted, because as a skeptic myself, I thoroughly investigated these two supplements.
Colostrum is known as "the first food of life." It is the pre-milk produced by mothers during the first 24-48 hours after birth. When a mother gives birth, she produces this special concentrated pre-milk fluid, which contains the perfect formulation of life-supporting factors she has acquired during her life. It contains powerful immune factors, which jump-start her baby's immune function. It is so important to newborn animals that most simply die without it. In fact, colostrum is the only food supplement that destroys viruses. It also contains powerful growth factors, which help the newborn grow healthy and heal quickly. The growth factors in colostrum are the most widely researched hormones reported in the world today. You see, a healthy, young body naturally produces growth hormones; however, this decreases with age and contributes to your tissues deteriorating internally, and your appearance aging externally. Colostrum is the only substance clinically proven to replace these growth factors. This is why it is such a potent weapon against aging.

Well, we obviously can't get it from human mothers, but we actually have a stronger source. Bovine colostrum, from dairy cows, is much richer in immune factors than that from humans. After a human or cow has successfully overcome a disease, it carries that immunity for years, possibly even a lifetime. It then passes that immunity to its offspring through the placenta and colostrum. Well, as explained in Colostrum: Life's First Food, The Ultimate Anti-Aging Weight Loss and Immune Supplement, "Humans pass most of this immunity through the placenta, whereas, cow immunity is not passed through the placenta but through the colostrum. This is why cow's colostrum has 10-20 times more immune factors than human colostrum." As we age, our ability to fight infection and disease decreases. This is why this supplement became so popular in the 1950's. It is 100% biologically transferable to humans, and hundreds of years of use and thousands of scientific studies and clinical trials have shown bovine colostrum to be safe and effective.

Due to its immune-strengthening properties, many began using it world-wide. However, as testimonials came pouring in about how it reversed outward signs of aging and gave people more energy and zest for life, researchers began to investigate it further. It is believed to cross the blood-brain barrier to increase serotonin uptake which improves mood and mental clarity and acuity. It also has been proven to aid in weight loss -- which is of special interest to us. It tones muscles, melts body fat, increases bone density, and returns elasticity to skin. In fact, author Kaye Wyatt gives her own testimonial stating, "...ever since I had children, I've carried unwanted weight around my waist. It's all gone and I'm now able to wear the same size jeans that I wore in my early twenties. My muscles are toned with no trace of cellulite and my vericose veins (sic) have disappeared. The only exercise that I've had time for in the last eight months is walking my dog. My hair is finally healthy, shiny and all the same length which was impossible before with breakage and split ends. I don't know if it's the radiance of health and feeling on top of the world or the outward physical changes but everyone who has taken colostrum, for at least a couple of months, looks shockingly younger. Throughout history, we've been searching for the fountain of youth -- I think the search is over." This is not the only testimonial in this book; many people share how colostrum has improved their lives and provided relief from arthritis, fatigue, hives, depression, vision problems, burns, wrinkles, age spots, sinus problems, and more. It is a quick read, filled with compelling research. I highly recommend you pick this up.

Colostrum: Life's First Food: The Ultimate Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, and Immune Supplement, by Daniel G. Clark, M.D. and Kaye Wyatt

Antler Velvet is a truly amazing anti-aging supplement. Animals with antlers shed and regenerate them every year. Antlers grow at an extraordinarily rapid rate. While an antler is growing, it is covered with vascular, velvety skin which supplies it with minerals and nutrients. Once its antler reaches full size, the animal scrapes that Antler Velvet off. The antler subsequently dies. The dead bone underneath is the mature antler, used for fighting, and is shed after each mating season. However, while the antler is growing, it is soft, living tissue. That is what is harvested.

The Antler is the only organ in mammals that regenerates. How exactly they do this remains one of the mysteries of biology. However, exciting new research suggests they use stem cells to regenerate them, leading many to believe antlers hold clues to stem cell research (read the article below). While their regeneration mechanism is not entirely known, the results of taking Antler Velvet are absolutely undeniable. The Chinese have used it for centuries for longevity and regeneration; with modern science, we now know Antler Velvet contains many growth factors which aid in regenerating tissues. Remember, your body's production of growth hormone declines dramatically after puberty. This is why taking this supplement produces such dramatic results. In the book, The Remarkable Healing Power of Velvet Antler, Dr. Rosenbaum, who has studied and prescribed Antler Velvet for years, says, "Velvet antler contains the missing link to longevity, something just not present in all the promising nutrition programs I have ever worked with. Its growth factors are a significant part of what makes it so special. Growth factors may be the only substances that can retard and even reverse aging." Again this is another phenomenal, well-researched book. It is a concise, very quick read, and definitely one to add to your library.

The Remarkable Healing Power of Velvet Antler, by Betty Kamen, Ph.D. and Paul Kamen

Quick Colostrum Article:
Colostrum - The Anti-Aging Miracle You've Never Heard Of
Quick Antler Velvet Articles:
Nutrition Science News: Velvet Antler Under the Microscope
Deer Antlers Hold Clues To Stem Cell Research
So, you always hear the Natural Health/Raw/Tree-Hugging Community going on and on about Superfoods and Green Smoothies. What is a Superfood? It's basically a food that contains a high number of plant-based nutrients, such as *fresh* organic greens, fruits, and vegetables. However, the average person does not have the time to go to organic gardeners to pick them fresh, or the budget to go to those dang bank-busting wholefood stores. So I'm going to test out this drink mix. As listed on my Vitality and Wellness Page, this drink contains a high-quality, Anti-Aging Superfood Blend that promotes optimal cell health, detox, and equilibrium for a healthy lifestyle.
One Drink Provides:
  • The daily 5-9 recommended servings of fruits and vegetables
  • 10 greens, 14 vegetables, and 12 fruits
  • More organic whole leaf greens per gram than any leading green drink
  • Antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, essential fatty acids, cereal grasses, algae
  • Improves oxygenation, detoxification, and cell protection
  • Aids digestion and absorption, boosts energy and immunity, and supports body detox and cleansing
  • For those who say they hate vegetables, this has a sweet berry taste and mixes easily with water. Visit their website for Ingredients and Frequently Asked Questions. Anyway, I'll report back on whether I see/feel improvements from drinking it.
    It was once believed that injections and surgery were the only options for diminishing wrinkles and fine lines. However, with further study, dermatologists have developed a wide range of new cosmetic skin plumpers. And Natural Scientists have been manipulating ingredients and formulating them into anti-aging skin care products. However, with any treament, you must continue to purchase and use to maintain your results -- whether they be creams, patches, injections, or even (over time) surgery.

    So I created my own wrinkle patch using Super Skin Serum and CellFood Skin Gel. In developing Super Skin Serum, scientists combined vitamins and antioxidants (to disarm free radicals) with an oat bran extract used by surgeons to stimulate cell renewal in burn victims. CellFood Skin Gel uses essential oxygen to regenerate cells.

    The Result: Using the treatment plan outlined below, my laugh lines look sensational! The deep grooves on both sides are dramatically diminishing. Now, I actually have changed it up a little bit (beginning Sunday 11/21). I am now using this treatment over my entire face, not just on the laugh lines. I am misting my entire face with 25/75 DMSO/Water, followed by 100% Liquid MSM, about a dime size of Super Skin Serum, and a light layer of CellFood Skin Gel. I am wearing this full face mask for about four hours, peeling off, and moisturizing my skin with MSM Lotion before bed. After reaching my desired result, I plan to just wear the patches over my laugh lines for maintenance. I'll explain this change in my regimen in the next video of this Anti-Aging Series. And I must say, my skin is absolutely radiant and has never looked better! Later, I will test other treatments. Read below.

    Fast Results? Well, I don't want to take anything away from the actual products; clearly, they are performing as they were formulated to perform. However, please take into account my complete regimen. Do not overlook the MSM and DMSO. As Dr. Walker explains in his book, DMSO: Nature's Healer, "Since DMSO dissolves many materials and can be absorbed through the skin, combinations of the solvent and many other substances have been investigated... DMSO merely heightens their therapeutic effectiveness." DMSO has been thoroughly tested and documented to enhance the results of treatments. Thus, it is not only penetrating, but amplifying the MSM, Super Skin, and CellFood.

    Please see my DMSO & MSM Page for a thorough understanding of how they benefit us.

    This is briefly what I am doing to topically treat my laugh lines:

    1. First, mist my skin with 25/75 - DMSO/Distilled Water Mix: DMSO IN PLASTIC OR DMSO IN GLASS BTL
         Less DMSO is used due to sensitivity of facial skin.
         I'm allowing that to be absorbed by my skin for approximately 5 mins.
         It is important not to rub it in; simply allow it to slowly absorb/air dry.

    2. Second, I'm misting my skin with 100% Liquid MSM. I'm rubbing that in completely: MY LIQUID MSM

    3. Third, I'm applying my topical treatments:
         -- Power of Collagen PLUS Antioxidants: NEW COLLAGEN+C SKIN SERUM
         -- Oxygen regenerates skin cells: CELL FOOD

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    skin serum, collagen, antioxidants, anti-aging, impatientdieter, antiaging
    When DMSO is applied topically to the skin, it deeply enhances the absorption of whatever substance is on the skin. It is important to have extremely clean skin before applying DMSO, because whatever is on your skin, will be deeply penetrated. Also, while the DMSO is still wet on the skin, it is vital not to make unintentional contact with any substance. Whatever is placed on the skin, will be rapidly and deeply absorbed. This is why I am using DMSO in my treatment strategy. In addition, there are many testimonials about the healing power of DMSO for a wide assortment of ailments. Please view the Video Playlists linked in the research section below. In my video series, I will show how I personally dilute and use DMSO for my treatment. However, please note DMSO is intended as a solvent only. I am simply showcasing how I am using it and what benefits I am receiving. I am not a medical professional of any kind. Please consult your doctor for information and advice.

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    Please watch these videos presented by amazing physician, Dr. Stanley W. Jacob, and Health Guru, Daniel Vitalis.

    This fascinating "60 Minutes" Interview with Dr. Stanley W. Jacob investigates the troubled history of DMSO, and reveals why it is NOT in the best interest of drug companies for you to know about it.
    In my latest video, I introduced my DMSO & MSM Strategy. This was based on a series by Health Guru, Daniel Vitalis. His very informative videos are in the playlist below.
    youtube playlist dmso,impatientdieter,dsj
    youtube playlist, impatient dieter,gdv



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    We walk through the filth of the world: Sidewalks, Subways, Truck Stops, Prisons... hey maybe you have a relative to visit, I don’t know... if you don’t remove your shoes, you are tracking all that back into your home. Just as Oprah is raising our consciousness about the need to make your car a No-Phone Zone, I would like to raise your consciousness of the need to make your home a No-Shoe Zone. Tomorrow, look down while you are walking, and note all the muck you walk through... so you're going to track all that back in your house and wallow around in it... NOOOOO! So the moment you walk through your door, please remove your gross, disgusting, vile, revolting, germ-laden, parasite-ridden, filthy friggin shoes! Thank you!

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